23 de agosto de 2007

Mi blog: Estreno nueva plantilla en mi blog

Es una de las plantillas de blogger un poco modificada para ser más ancha: Tic-tac Blue de Dan Cederholm

Para modificarla he tenido que subir imágenes a un servidor externo.

En los próximos días a ver si le doy un aire algo distinto.

4 comentarios:

Barts_706 dijo...

Hey, I see you have chosen the same template as me.... :]

I have a question, though - could you tell me how do you modify your template to have main column (the one with posts) wider, as in your case? I tried to do that, but somehow the template would always look broken then...

Bu now if I post GameTrailers movie, It sort of goes out of the post area, and it looks very unprofessional.

Maybe I need to modify the background for title , too, if the width changes?

I would be glad if you could share your suggestions with me - I am not very good with HTML/CSS stuff.

Gabriel Cuesta dijo...

I changed the template to adapt my blog to GameTrailers movies too :)

I modified the template changing the backgrounds and the CSS.

I'm going to send you the template modified with the new widths and the pics that I have changed to your email.

Gabriel Cuesta dijo...

I thought that you had your email in your blog.

Could you send me an email to gabicuesta@ono.com, please? I will send you the info to your email account.

Barts_706 dijo...

Sure, thanks!

Sending straight away.

BTW, there should be email address on my blog, I will check it too.